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Profound changes have taken place in society and in the hospitality marketplace. The consequences to being charged as a visibly intoxicated person are more substantial than ever. While compassion for addiction and mental illness might give some relief to the individual involved, the legal and social repercussions to the establishment that allegedly served them are potentially catastrophic. That’s why liquor liability insurance, as part of a program with comprehensive general liability, both written with the same A rated or better carrier, is essential for any responsible operator.

Do I need Liquor Liability Insurance?


Concurrent with these changing standards is the unprecedented growth of craft beers. In the past 30 or so years, thousands of small craft brewers have sprung up across the nation, permanently altering the hospitality landscape. An establishment that upgrades to provide a wide variety of craft beers frequently has to invest in reconfigured taps, increased product and refrigeration costs, and extensive staff training. It is a significant financial commitment that must be protected. Broad property coverage, including a solid enhancement endorsement, provided by an A rated or better carrier, is an absolute business fundamental.

Consumers have adjusted to these new societal norms and trends. People are drinking less and drinking better. Combined with the local foods movement and the relaxation of white tablecloth dining, today’s restaurant, bar, and tavern owners are continuously challenged to satisfy their customer’s evolving expectations. Quality insurance programs must also stay current with the industry’s trends and issues.

At Patriot National Hospitality, we understand how the hospitality market is changing. We developed and exclusively provide insurance products fine-tuned to the industry’s specific needs. Our program is available through the best agents in the country. Think of it as craft insurance, designed to be valuable and effective protection in a craft beer world.

*Patriot National Hospitality is an insurance program distributed through the licensed insurance agency Patriot Underwrites, Inc.

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