Strategies to Fight through the Hard Market for Hospitality Risks

A hard market is never entirely predictable. Insurance industry experts have been saying a correction was due for several years, but pricing and coverage have remained fairly constant. However, over the last 6 months several leading hospitality risk programs have stopped writing business, raised their minimum premiums, and/or severely tightened their underwriting guidelines. The Patriot National Hospitality program remains committed to being open for all qualifying submissions, and continuing to strive to be your first and best choice for your restaurant, bar and tavern (RBT) insurance business.

There are strategies that agents can use to help us help them fight through this hard market:


Know your customer’s loss history inside and out

Start off with 5 years currently valued loss runs of the RBT establishment. Examine the claims and have a detailed explanation as to what occurred and how the claim was settled. Discuss the seriousness of risk management with the customer. Be prepared to make the case that the circumstances that caused or contributed to the claim have been fixed. 

Emphasize the quality of your customer’s operations

Make sure all the inspections and licenses of the premises, especially the kitchen, are up to date. Review the alcohol service training certifications of all the employees, including managers, and be prepared to document these completed courses for the insurance company. Know the video surveillance system they have in place and make sure it covers the entrance and parking lot for any slip/fall claims that lacked credible witnesses. Take a second look at the sales and payroll information so it is accurate and conveys a consistent picture of business operations. 

Carefully examine your customer’s website and web presence

Here’s a little secret – company underwriters use the Internet, too. The RBT establishment website has to reflect the agent’s underwriting submission. The photographs, menus, weekly schedule of activities and any special events all have to be consistent with the customer’s operations. Check for any news articles about any incidents that could be interpreted as a claim. Be ready with a detailed explanation. Take some time to check some of the customer reviews and be prepared to respond to any comments or criticism that might concern the company underwriter.


The agent group that represents our Patriot National Hospitality program is the best in the country, both for qualifications and experience. Be assured the program management team is working every day to enhance the coverage and pricing of our products. This hard market is a challenge, but together we can maintain our leadership position. Patriot National Hospitality is a program operated by Patriot Underwriters, Inc. (d/b/a PUI Insurance Agency).


*Patriot National Hospitality is an insurance program distributed through the licensed insurance agency Patriot Underwrites, Inc.

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