The Best Gift is a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

The holidays can be a fun, yet stressful time. People tend to eat and drink more than they should, and might engage in forced frivolity that pushes the boundaries of common sense. Just about everyone can remember a friend, neighbor, or co-worker doing something they regretted at a party this time of year.

At Patriot National Hospitality, we know restaurant, bar, and tavern (RBT) owners work hard to provide their patrons with yuletide cheer, but they should also remain watchful for circumstances and behavior that could be troublesome or unsafe.

  • Employee training is always the first and best step to preventing problems. TIPS® (Training for Intervention Procedures), Responsible Alcohol Management Training (RAMP) or similar programs provide the skills to recognize and prevent alcohol service issues. Regular and pre-shift staff meetings provide an opportunity for employees to ask questions and for managers to identify large parties and discuss potential difficulties in serving them. Programs such as the ServSafe® Program provide employees with training on safe food-handling practices to prevent food-borne illness.
  • Food should be integral to the holiday gathering. Moderation with alcohol should always be encouraged. Non-alcoholic beverages should be readily available.
  • For much of the country, the holiday season brings increased customer traffic at a time when the weather is changing. It’s critical to check parking lots, outdoor walkways, stairs, porches and landings, and more, to make sure that no slip and fall hazards have developed over the course of the RBT hours of operation.
  • Should an incident occur, early reporting is essential to keeping costs and damages under control. Our Patriot National Hospitality Incident Report should be completed and returned to us immediately. Getting witness statements from staff and customers, relevant receipts, pictures, and copies of video surveillance all help defend the restaurant, bar, or tavern.

The holidays are a wonderful time to get together with friends and loved ones. Keeping everyone safe and happy is a worthy gift for the Season and New Year.

*Patriot Underwriters, Inc. conducts insurance business in all of its licensed states as PUI INSURANCE AGENCY

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