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Patriot National Hospitality is proud to be affiliated with the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers®. As the endorsed insurance program of the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association (NJLBA), we enthusiastically support the mission of the HERO Campaign through the member establishments of the NJLBA, state and municipal governments, schools and colleges, and others. Positively promoting the use of safe and sober designated drivers while also emphasizing a commitment to keeping patrons safe are worthwhile and fitting goals for the restaurant, bar, and tavern industry.

Shortly after his Naval Academy graduation, Ensign John Elliott was tragically killed by a drunken driver in July of 2000. He had been honored as the outstanding Human Education Resource Officer (HERO) for his service to his fellow midshipmen, hence the inspiration for the HERO Campaign name. In memory of their son, the Elliott family created this federally registered, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works tirelessly to spread their message celebrating a designated driver as a genuine HERO to friends, family and community.

  • Drive sober and promote safe driving in your town
  • Be a designated driver for your friends and family
  • Keep friends from driving drunk and report drunk drivers to authorities
  • Volunteer for alcohol-free events at schools and colleges, especially on prom and graduation nights
  • Organize a HERO Campaign in your area! Please visit

Moving forward, the HERO Campaign is making progress in multiple states, engaging thousands of young people in high schools and colleges, and signing up hundreds of restaurants, bars, and taverns. They are sponsoring numerous events that offer fun ways to raise awareness and increase participation. The HERO Campaign has grown from a grassroots effort to a major movement that prevents drunk driving by articulating this simple, yet challenging goal: to register one million designated drivers and make having a designated driver be as automatic as wearing a seat belt.

With our nationwide insurance program dedicated to the hospitality industry, and our team of the finest agents in America, Patriot National Hospitality is going to champion the good work of the HERO Campaign to our broad and influential market. We hope you will join us. The HERO could be you.

*Patriot National Hospitality is an insurance program distributed through the licensed insurance agency Patriot Underwrites, Inc.

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