Best Practices for Outdoor Property for Restaurants, Bars, and Taverns

In today’s competitive environment for restaurants, bars, and taverns (RBT), outdoor space has become a business prerequisite. Whether it’s a porch, patio, deck, sidewalk cafe, or even a beer garden, customers increasingly expect the option of dining and socializing outside. With this expansion beyond the physical building comes additional costs and responsibilities to the owner. An insurance agent experienced with the hospitality industry can be an invaluable resource when evaluating these increased exposures.


Craft Insurance for a Craft Beer World

Profound changes have taken place in society and in the hospitality marketplace. The consequences to being charged as a visibly intoxicated person are more substantial than ever. While compassion for addiction and mental illness might give some relief to the individual involved, the legal and social repercussions to the establishment that allegedly served them are potentially catastrophic. That’s why liquor liability insurance, as part of a program with comprehensive general liability, both written with the same A rated or better carrier, is essential for any responsible operator.


Assault and Battery Insurance How to Protect Your Restaurant, Bar, or Tavern

As an owner of a restaurant, bar or tavern, you never know what kind of person could walk through your door. That’s why every good operator trains his or her employees to handle and defuse difficult situations. They also protect themselves with Assault & Battery (A&B) coverage on both their General Liability and their Liquor Liability policies, preferably with coverage up to the policy limits and excess coverage, if available.


How to Save Money on Hospitality Insurance

No restaurant, bar or tavern wants to pay a dollar more in insurance premiums than they have to. Smart brokers know the programs and strategies that deliver savings. Here are a few of their secrets:


Georgia On My Mind: 15 Songs About Georgia

Patriot National Hospitality recently sent out an email campaign to our agents in the Southeast Region. We were trying to cut through the normal Internet clutter with this marketing communication, so our email campaign used a musical theme. While preparing it, we were surprised to realize the number of songs that have been written about Georgia.


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